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rod urban dictionary

ride or die, someone who you can’t life with out someone who means a lot to you, someone who can always make you smile even when you don’t think you will ever smile again. someone who is always there for you no matter the circumstances, they always have your back when none else does. A best friend that can understand you even when it is something crazy

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  • Urban Dictionary: the rod
    Urban Dictionary: the rod

    A Rod is a man who is first-rate. Although he sometimes takes a little while to get to know, that is part of his charm and he is worth it. He will be someone you desire as a friend for life. Rods are thoughtful

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  • Urban Dictionary: A-Rod
    Urban Dictionary: A-Rod

    Jan 03, 2005 Sometimes A-Rod is seen as a positive distinction for someone who is popular and likable, possibly even affluent and sought after. However, in most places (i.e., Washington State, Texas) being called an A-Rod is considered an insult, meaning “sell-out” or even as a derogatory term for someone who is sexually easy, male or female

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  • Urban Dictionary: GET ROD
    Urban Dictionary: GET ROD

    Get rod is a term that refers to go fuck yourself Yo bro, I was chill but then this bro got wild it was unchill so I told him to GET ROD. It was chill

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  • Urban Dictionary: Rod Roddy
    Urban Dictionary: Rod Roddy

    Announcer/Cohost on The Price is Right. Known for wearing clothing with flashy colors and lots of sequins. Come on Down! You're the next contestant on the Price is Right!

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  • Urban Dictionary: Rod Carew
    Urban Dictionary: Rod Carew

    To go to third base directly from first base, skipping second base. In other words, to go straight to oral sex from kissing, without ever touching a boob. Named after a Latino baseball player who played second base from 1967-1985. Often used by Latinos who are notoriously lazy, this is the quickest way to get to sex while still keeping the girl interested

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  • Urban Dictionary: rod toloui
    Urban Dictionary: rod toloui

    Rod is one of the nicest people, he cares about anyone and everyone, he always puts a smile on your face. He is the first person you go to, to make you feel better. Rod is always up for a chat. Rod is handsome, funny, smart, flirty and overall the best person to be alive. You need a Rod in your life of its not complete. Everyone knows how important he is and how loved and appreciated he is

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  • Urban Dictionary: J-Rod
    Urban Dictionary: J-Rod

    A super hard on. The best a man can get.-the CHEMIST who extracted from his heart's elements, compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness and compounded them into ONE and created that atom which is called LOVE.-a cute sweet and cuddly person -a life changer-a short, great person with a wonderful personality -to know J-Rod is to love J-Rod

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  • Urban Dictionary: Rod Shot
    Urban Dictionary: Rod Shot

    A photograph of one's penis, usually sent to a female friend to let her know that you are DTF

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  • Urban Dictionary: nim rod
    Urban Dictionary: nim rod

    Sep 02, 2005 The true definition of Nim Rod is A great hunter , but after Bugs Bunny called Elmer Fudd this name for so long in Looney Tunes cartoons, it took on a new meaning....A moron or clutz

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  • Urban Dictionary: hotrod
    Urban Dictionary: hotrod

    To improve performance of something as in a hot rod car. Most likely the best comedy movie made, ever. Like ever. Quotes from this movie will be used for years and years after its time

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  • Urban Dictionary: Rez Rod
    Urban Dictionary: Rez Rod

    Noun. 1. Souped up rez car. 2. Any ride baring four wheels that can hold together during intense speeds over dirt roads

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  • Urban Dictionary: rod and todd
    Urban Dictionary: rod and todd

    an extremely attractive woman with a dull or unattractive man. A hot rod and a we-todd

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  • Urban Dictionary: The Rod Stewart
    Urban Dictionary: The Rod Stewart

    When a man shaves his pubic hair into a landing strip and dies it orange/blonde. He also has to have his penis pierced with a diamond stud. The man then takes a microphone and removes everything from it except the outer shell. He then proceeds to stick his penis through the microphone shell. He then advances to the local bar and has women sing karaoke out of his microphone

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